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PDO COG (L-type) 21G/60mm (20 pcs)

Minimaze bleeding , pain and swellness. Most frequently used for Face and Forehead lifting purpose.

A non -surgical facial rejuvenation procedure threads on the subcutaneous layer of skin to lift and volume the tissue. With tiny barbs or cones that help and support grip the skin. 


PDO (Polydioxanone) 

Boidegradable synthetic polymer that has been most commonly used for stitching suture in surgeries for many years. After being absorbed into the body over 6-8 months by simple hydrolysis , PDO threads retain their strength and encourage new collagen responses. 

PDO thread focuses more on tigthtening and lifting of sagging skin not just face but in other parts of the body.



Correct wrinkels: horizontal and vertical forehead wrinkels, brows, minimaze nasolabial folds.

Shape the breast, chest, lift and tighten sagging skins and stretch marks on belly, buttocks and legs. 

One pack  contains : 20 pcs

PDO COG (L-type) 19Gx100mm

SKU: 29.09.2022