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Neuramis Light (with lidocaine)  1 x 1 ml. high technology in hyaluronic acid fillers.

Creates or restores facial volume, sculpting the facial  contour, delivers fast skin hydration, corrects skin depression, corrects lines and wrinkels on the face, visibly improves the texture of the skin. Safely rejuvenates the decollete, back of the hands and neck.  This durable cosmetic rejuvenation product has been produced  through an advanced SHAPE. Technology which makes it safer and longer -lasting compared its market rivals. 

The product contains  purifed Hyaluronic Acid that has outstanding skin moisturazing properties.  

After the injection procedure , there may be mild sensation of discomfort but it normally disppears in a matter of hours or days at the very most. 


Made in South Korea by Medytox


Neuramis Light with Lidocaine by Medytox biorevitalisation