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Complex vitamins to IV admimistration.!0 vials at box. Each vial contains Ascorbic acid 100mg, Biotin 60 mg, Cyanocobalamine 5mg, Dexpanthenol 15mg, Ergocalciferol 2000U, Nicotinamide 40mg, Piridoxine HCl 4,86mg,Riboflavin 3,6 mg, Tiamine HCl 3,81 mg, Tocoferol Acetate 10 mg, Vitamin A 3300 U.

 Put into vial 3-5 mk saline solution or water to injection and after add to main solution. That should be Saline solution 0.9% or Ringera lactate Solution. Must be used the same day.

Expiry date 26/09/2021


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