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Mesosculp C71 is mesotherapy treatment for facial remodeling. The product is a unique development of the biotechnology company, which facilitates the restructuring and remodelling of face and body in just a few procedures. The use of Mesosculp C71 , which is biological lipomodifer , allows cosmetologists to achive maximum lipomodelling and aesthetic effect without resorting to such surgical procedures as liposuction and lifting. 

By means of the face biomodeling procedure using Mesosculp C71 injections, such non-esthetic manifestations of the age-related changes are eliminated: the second chin, saggy nasolabial folds, "bags " under the eyes, floated facial features, etc. The action of the injectable lipomodiferis aimedat restoring the rounded , clear and elastic volumes of the facial contour , which, over time , undegoage-related changes. 


Composition: Mesosculp C71 is a sterile viscoelastic gel, an apyrogenic action with atraumatic lipomodifying effect. 


One box contains: glass graduated syringe with luerovym tip, with preparation Mecosculp C71 in the amount of 1ml. .


Main ingredients: Periorbital PeptideXP2, Hexapeptide-17


Formulated in USA


Made in South  Korea. 



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