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Mesoeye C71 is a mesotherapy treatment for eye bags and dark circles.  MesoEye C71 is a unique development of boitechology company , which able to solve almost all problems and solve non-aesthetic effects in the eye area in just a few procedures.

The injection preparation has the form of a ge lcontaining in the composition hyaluronic acid, vitamins, aminoacids, oligopeptides and so on. these natural active substances , creating a super effective cocktail, eliminate many disadvantages and problems of the periorbital zone. 

 The use of the drug is shown with such aesthetic shortcoming of the skin around the eyes: a network of wrinkels, "bags", "dark circles", "crow's feet", swelling, overhanging  of the brow , the formation of various folds and creases. 

THese problems usually arise as a result of age-related changes, when there is a worsening of the vessels, slowing lymph drainage of skin tissues, reducing the elasticity and thinning of the skin of the eyelids, etc.

Cosmetologists widely apply the procedure of the mesotherapy  Mesoeye C71 and with it solve many problems of the skin around the eyes.


Main ingredients: Periorbital Peptide XP2, Hexapeptide-17

One box contains: supplied in a glass syringe , the volume of 1 ml of the drug . 

Formulated in USA


Made in South Korea


SKU: 04.03.2023
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