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Universal IV administration sets with automatic air vent for pressure and gravity infusion. 

  • Sharp piercing spike
  • Easy penetration , simple piercing even of suspended containers
  • Empties leaving no residue
  • Automatic, bacteria- proof venting
  • Convinient drip chamber design with highly transparent upper part
  • Upper drip- chamberpart ideal for attachment of an infusion pump drip sensor
  • Extended, detached drip element provides even drop formation 20 drops= 1ml/ 0.1ml (aqua dist.)
  • Flexible pumping chamber with high fluid level
  • Rapid and easy adjustment of fluid level
  • Roller clamp in DIN safety color "orange" with piercing -spike covering for safe disposal 
  • Luer Lock fitting

Intrafix Air P

SKU: 01.06.2025