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     The Mesotherapy  needles Natural -Meso for natural beauty is effectively used for various ways such as injecting hyaluronic acid, local anesthetics and skin treatment. They are designed with the use of laser sharpening technology.  They are extremly fine which makes mesotherapy treatments painless. 


  • The needles made out of high quality steel and sharpened by a lazer. 
  • Ultra thin walls and sharpenest  makes needle to penetrate into the epidermis easily.
  • Sterile, no risk of infection
  • Does not leave any injection marks
  • The shots are painless and do not require using anestesia.    


 The box  contains 100 needles

  Size: 31g x 4 mm


They are intended for single use. Each needle is packed individually


The product made in Korea

Natural -Meso 31gx4mm

SKU : 29.06.2023