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The  bio -revitalizer Aragan is used to compensate for the luck of liquids in the areas of the face and neck. This product can used by anyone , but patients older than 35 and over whose skin starts to show exsessive sagginess, dryness and formation of wrinkles  would benefit the most from the product. 

The product can easily penetrate deep the skin's dermal layers.

Hyaluronic acid moisturizes, stimulates the production of collagen, and increases the natural processes of rejuvenation. 

The areas where you can applay the  product :

Around the eyes


Nasolabial folds


The procedure consists  of several injections  made with 10 -day interval. 

One 2,5 syringe containts 25 mg/ ml of soduim hyaluronate.

The compact box containing 5 syringes  2,5 ml each.



Made in South Korea.

Aragan Hyaluronic acid biorevitalisation. 1 syringes 2.5 ml.

SKU : 25.02.2023