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Promoitalia. Hair Plus 1pcs x 10ml (5pcs in box)

A revitalizing cocktail containing Phosphatidic acid, Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Superoxide dismutase and a complex of amino acids to stimulate and correct numerous types of alopecia.

Main Components

PHOSPHATIDIC ACID: Phosphatidic acid stimulates the growth and proliferation of epithelial cells of hair bulbs prolonging the Anagen phase of hair growth instead of the Catagen phase.

RIBOFLAVIN (VITAMIN B2): It is of both animal and vegetable origin (plants, liver, heart, kidney and milkderivatives). It has a protective function for the hair, eyes, skin, nails and muscles. It is the key factor in the reactions of oxidationreduction reactions of the energetic metabolism of some cells (including those of the air bulb).

SUPEROXIDE DISMUTASE: From birth, free radicals are active in the body and they increase in number as a result of external factors such as electromagnetic, chemical and environmental pollution. Superoxide dismutase is a component extracted from melon seeds and works directly as an antioxidant on the immune system.

At box 5 vials 10 ml each.

1 vial can used for 4 sessions.

Hair plus revitalising Promoitalia 1 vial 10 ml

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