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he Hada filler’s Gel particle through Grinding Irregular (GI) technology and realizes precise Extrusion Force to guarantee smooth injection and stable procedure. LITY The Hada filler is created by the best research and development professionals.

Replengen filler is a highquality product qualified by quali- ty assurance system with introduction of the latest test equipment. Replengen filler maximiz- es wrinkle improvement and volume recovery effect after procedure. Hada applied own Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Correction (HAMC) technology on the cross-link procedure. Replengen filler delays decomposi- tion inside the body to enhance the duration after procedure. Hada is made of the best-quality hyaluronic acid. Replengen guarantees safety by removing risk elements such as BDDE, endotoxin, heavy metal, and microbial contamination which may occur during manufacturing process through real-time monitoring.

50 Ml in vial

Expiry date 01/09/2024

Hada Body filler. 50 ml pack

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