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F&B (lipolytic)

Face & Body Lipo Sculpting Solution is a modern lipolytic for face and body.A simple and affordable way to flawlessly shape your face.Clinically tested and approved by South Korean dermatologists, plastic surgeons. The drug gently removes local fat deposits (widely used after excess fat transplantation with uneven volume distribution) Stimulates peripheral blood and lymph vessels, the drug has a pronounced detoxifying effect. In one procedure, in the area of ​​the double chin, it can remove up to 2-3mm. Of fatty deposits. A pronounced effect occurs after a course of 2-3 procedures, with a frequency of one in 4-5 days.

MOQ Unit package:10 box

Each vial 2,0 ml

F&B Lipolytic for face and body. 10 vial

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