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Face care ASCE plus SRLV exosomes are the next-generation skin regenerative aesthetic treatment powered by 5 billion exosomes manufactured by ExoCoBio. The 5 billion exosomes, combined with high viscosity hyaluronic acid, 10 types of growth factors, 6 types of peptides, NAD+, DMAE and glutathione, are the building blocks of the skin.

These exosomes efficacy has been published in 13 scientific research publications and is subject to 37 owned patents. In addition, these exosomes are of the highest quality and manufactured in the world’s first exosome-specialized GMP manufacturing facility.

Exosomes ASCEplus face care SRLV is an in-clinic cosmeceutical product containing acellular stem cell-derived exosomes in combination with hyaluronic acid, peptides, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Exosomes are nanoparticles that promote cell-to-cell communication within your skin cells. They travel between fibroblasts and transfer their signals, growth factors, cytokines, and peptides, increasing collagen and elastin production. Exosomes cannot proliferate.

The three functions of exosomes ASCEplus face care SRLV are skin rejuvenation, anti-inflammation, and reconstruction of the skin barrier. The course of treatments results in skin rejuvenation, reduced pigmentation and redness, and improved skin quality and texture. The professional solution created by ExoSCRT Technology:

  • Strengthening – strengthens the skin by caring for skin damage.
  • Cell regeneration – restores the natural process of cell regeneration by improving the skin environment.
  • Self-regeneration ability – gives the fundamental self-regeneration ability to skin.


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