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Promoitalia. Revital TONIC 1pcs x 10ml (5pcs in box) / Lipolityc / Antioxidant

It is an exclusive formula composed of fermented papaya, melon extracts, lipoic acid and N-acetylcysteine. It is an antioxidant and firming body treatment, which confers an immediate silk effect to the skin.

Main Components

FERMENTED PAPAYA: Fermented papaya is rich in vitamins with antioxidant strength (vitamin A, C and E). Among these, alpha-tocopherol (Vitamin E) is of fundamental importance for its ability to protect cellular membranes from the aging process and capillaries from damage.

MELON EXTRACTS: From birth, free radicals are active in the body and increase in number as a result of external factors such as electromagnetic, chemical and environmental pollution. The main component extracted from melon seeds is Superoxide dismutase that works directly as an antioxidant on the immune system.

LIPOIC ACID: Is considered one of the best antioxidants worldwide for its ability to neutralize free radicals in both fatty and watery regions of cells.

N-ACETYLCYSTEINE: Known as NAC, is a non toxic substance with a strong antioxidant power. The structure of its molecule allows it to easily penetrate into cellular membranes. N-acetylcysteine plays a key role in maintaining a normal level of Glutathione
(GSH) in cells, protecting them from external influences and from their toxic action.

At 1 box 5 vial.

Revital Tonic Promoitalia 1 vial 10 ml

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